Milestones of all Kinds

How to Celebrate your birthday during Covid.


Tara the owner of Pinkstar Photography is a Female Photographer that specializes in Teen & Adult Glamour Birthday Sessions. Her interest in portrait photography sparked up when her children were growing and fell in love with celebrating all their milestones and Birthdays. They only happen once a year, and covid may have slammed our abilities to have a big bash, but we can still have our own studio centered Birthday Glam Bash.

Her vision for her business was to be a service giving you a unique experience that will leave you feel like a Queen! She personally struggled with low self-esteem growing up so the most fulfilling part of her job is seeing how happy people are to view their beauty through her work.

Every Girl and boy deserves to feel like a Queen or King on their special day.

Preparation is KEY

When it comes to your birthday photoshoot, preparation is key. These will be photos that you can hang in your home, share on your social media, and even hand down to your kids. You need to have beautiful images that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

When having your birthday pictures taken, there are eight areas that, when concentrated on, will make a massive difference in your photos.

1. Makeup & Hair: Photoshop can hide a multitude of sins, but wouldn’t you rather already be looking great to start with? For your birthday shoot, it’s usually best to go for professionals when it comes to your hair and makeup. It would be best if you also tried to stick to styles, and a look you know works for you.

2. Location: Location is essential when it comes to your birthday shoot. We shoot in studio where its definitely climate controlled, and if possible we can hit the streets!

3. Nails: Make sure you get a manicure and pedicure before your photoshoot. Think of it as a way to further pamper and celebrate yourself. If you’re a minimalist, you can go for neatly shaped and clear nails. But feel free to go with glitz and glam if that’s your preference. Whatever you go with, just be sure your nails compliments your birthday attire.

4. Outfit: Your birthday photoshoot should be a reflection of you. It can be as casual, classy, stylish, trendy as you want. Feel free to bring unique pieces to add to your photoshoot such as a crown or a birthday sash. Your also welcome to our client closet of luxe couture gowns and crowns.

5. Vision: What ideas do you have for your birthday photo shoot? We always book a consult, we could go on websites like Pinterest and find images that best compliments the ideas that you have for your own shoot. They’ll help us get a jump on a direction to go.

6. Props One of the best ways to show off your personality and make your birthday shoot fun is by using props. Things like balloons, frames, crowns, birthday sash, cars, and confetti are great options to try.

7. Bring A Friend: Bringing a friend is going to help your birthday shoot that much more special. They could be your hype fans, glam squad, girl power. They’ll help you feel relaxed, cheer you up, and make your photoshoot more fun. They could also come up with great suggestions and even take behind the scene pictures/videos for your Instagram and SnapChat. “Look Up Marlon, Say Cheese.”

8. Have Fun: It’s not every day you get to turn a new age. Show up at your birthday photoshoot and be determined to have a ton of fun. Your pictures will reflect your mood. So if you’re having a good time and you’re relaxes your photos will come out looking amazing.