The Studio

The studio’s signature style is pure, natural & timeless with a minimalist approach. Your portraits are created using neutrals and organic hues, by combining luxurious textures with your newborn’s silky skin, and by incorporating pops of muted colours & earthy tones to compliment your home décor. The portrait studio is equipped with all the props, backdrops, accessories and baby outfits you could possibly need for your session.

About Tara

Hello! I love babies, and am the oldest of 5. I am also the mom of 3 kids. I began shooting newborns 11 years ago, wow that's along time. I truly love creating and shopping for sets and props. Holding your new babies and creating those precious art pieces is pure Joy to me.


Once the images are captured, you get to go through the digital proofs from your session and choose your favourites. Each image you select is professionally retouched, and you can order from the selection of luxury print products carefully selected to complement the minimalist portraiture style and to provide you with quality, timeless, and beautiful one-of-a-kind ART.

How a Session Goes

Your newborn is constantly growing, and capturing this moment now before it’s gone is essential.

What to expect from a Pinkstar Edmonton Newborn Photography Studio session.

We are located at 3217-97st 2nd floor, just behind the Kal tire. There is a wall of props to choose from and my office is filled with outfits, and more props galore. I provide a quiet, gently lit area for the parents to relax and watch the session from. There is a washroom and little area for siblings to hangout till we are ready for them.

I start off with some work on the bean bag, where I will have 3-5 sets chosen and about a dozen outfits to choose from.

We then move to baskets, box and prop work. Feel free to bring something fun and important to you. Wear a uniform? Bring it! Nothing is cuter than photographing a newborn in dad’s RCMP uniform!

We now move on to mom and dad. Sometimes gram is visiting from afar, she’s welcome too! We shoot each parent with baby and both with baby.

Then comes sibling shots, here we can get some cute shots depending on age and comfort levels of everyone. Then the whole family!.