A couple’s portrait is an opportunity for you to capture the relationship between two people. You can create an image that represents their joy, romance and unique bonds. It is a special and important opportunity, particularly for engagement sessions and portraits on the wedding day. While creating a stunning image can be quite rewarding, it also provides several challenges.

In couple’s portraits, not only are you required to flatter two subjects at the same time but expression, body language and connection between the subjects becomes essential. Often you must make a variety of different shots, poses and expressions in a very short period of time, and while working under pressure!

For subjects not used to being in front of the camera, you’ll need to work to create visual flow to your pose and avoid static results that are common in many couples poses.

How can you achieve this naturally? Above is photos, on the left, or top, is one photo from the first shot. Its pretty good but that's when I look and go, we can do better. So I literally said, 'Your married now, he's your property, own him!'. So she did!! See the difference in their faces! She's even pulling a little tighter, and it became a total smoke showwwww!

Sometimes, I say semi inappropriate, unpredictable things, just to get these shots. Because it's worth it.