Pricing & Packages

We offer packages diversified according to the duration of the service and the number of photographers needed; however, they are all customizable according to your needs! Write to us at and we will find the most suitable solution together.


Starting from $850

We have full wedding photography services and photo booths.

Wedding FAQ

How do you photograph weddings?

After many years of experience, we have learned what are the moments that in every wedding cannot be missing. The rings, the clothes, the preparation of the newlyweds, the moment of signatures, tears and smiles … there will be all, don’t worry! However, even in this case, the protagonists are you: if you have particular surprises in mind or there is something you don’t want to give up, ask us and we will do it! Without forgetting family portraits and group shots: we know that they are an important moment, destined to remain in the memories not only of the spouses, but also of the guests. In the group photo there is no avant-garde or experimentation: it is a composition that follows classic, timeless rules.

Where are you based and do you travel?

Sure! Our main office and our roots are in Edmonton, but our suitcase is always ready. Up until now we have photographed weddings throughout Alberta and BC. My children were smaller and more dependant, but now as they have got to be young adults I am free to travel!! We can go anywhere and, indeed, we are happy about it: we like having the opportunity to see other places and make new experiences.

When will we get our photos?

Within 12 weeks from the wedding date we will deliver the material to you on a USB key and with private online galleries: there you will find all the images we took in high resolution (in jpg format), as well as a wide selection of post-produced photos which we consider the best story of your wedding, moment by moment. Over the years we have worked hard to perfect the post-production work that we carry out with professional software (no Instagram filters!) And starting from the RAW files that guarantee us maximum accuracy: our work aims to deliver you the highest quality, uniform images in tones and colors and in perfect narrative continuity. In the event that your service includes the making of the album, we will send you our graphic layout and layout proposal, in which you can still edit or replace the photos: the printed album will be delivered one month after the layout approval date definitive.

How many pictures will we receive?

For a 8 hours coverage wedding, you will receive between 400 to 600 fully edited images. I always choose quality rather than quantity and that's why lorem ipsum dolor sit imet I will choose the best and more significant photos to tell your story.


The photo shoot is confirmed, and the date is considered blocked, when we receive the signed contract and a deposit. Usually we book each event 6-9 months in advance: for this reason, please contact us in time, so as to immediately check our availability.


In the group photo there is no avant-garde, there is no experimentation: it is a simple composition that follows classical rules, it is timeless. It is the shot that tells the family, friends, the community that tightens around the couple. For this reason, in some way, it leaves the perimeter of the intimacy of the spouses and expands to those who share with them that special moment. Here then, to grasp an image formality means to pass on the history of that family in that particular moment.